About Me

What’s up, everyone! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Mario, I am 33 years old and I am originally from El Salvador but moved to Canada when I was 5 years old. So you can say that I am more Canadian than Salvadorean but that Salvadorean blood runs through me like a true Guanaco! (Shout outs if you know what that means).

Ever since I was little I was independent and loved doing my own thing. My passion in life is being as creative as I can be and always striving for something more than a standard 9-5 job. I found out late in life that my true calling was being my own boss, an entrepreneur. I have always had that intuition or feeling but never really acted on it maybe because I didn’t have the know-how. I should have gone to school for this but life happened and it turned me in another direction.

What I found is that you don’t really need school to achieve what you want in life. I find that if you work hard and strive to reach your goals, you can achieve anything. Now mind you I did go to college but for the wrong reasons. You should always do something, including school because you want to, never because you feel you need to. I never really understood that I thought “well I need schooling because I need a good paying job to support my family…” Which is well in good, but the more I researched in owning my own business and starting up with the minimalist of money, you can possibly achieve something greater. So I am going for it and this year I am launching my eCommerce store.

I also have a podcast called Full90Gooner Podcast, which is a podcast all things Arsenal FC a soccer team in England. It is a weekly production all done by me in my at home studio coined “The Man Corner”, yes it’s a corner because it’s shared with my wife’s daycare area ha! I write, record, edit and produce all of the show’s components and upload it to SoundCloud. Over that time it has grown significantly in listenership. My podcast is one of the more known Arsenal FC podcasts and something I take great pride on.

Recently I have started a new venture in podcasting. I have the LTS Podcast. This one has evolved so much but I think I have figured out what I want to do with this one. At first, it was a means to talk about anything from sports to movies, TV, pop culture etc. But what I am going to focus on now is my business venture. I am starting my very first business, a drop shipping business. So join me on this adventure towards freedom and give you tips and tricks that I find along the way. As well as give you my updates on how things are going.

Peace out!

Mario R.