Portrait Session With Adelina Rivas

As the Spring and Summer months approach here in Ontario, which means the day’s are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. This year will be different, in the sense that I want to spend more time outside taking pictures.

Whether that be of family and friends or more urban shoots like the one I did with my buddy Mike Lindsay. March was a weird month in the sense that we had some beautiful Spring like weather.

So when my sister approached me to take some portraits of her for her website and her LinkedIn account, I couldn’t pass on doing what I love to do.

We set out in search of cool locations, which was a real test for me because if I want to make a business out of this hobby; its something I need to figure out. So much like with my urban shoot it was a matter of parking my car and heading out to find decent places. Our first stop was a park here in town. Everyone comes to this park cause it has a cool pond and rustic looking bridge.

Our next stop was much easier because we were having our mom’s birthday brunch close by. So we decided to go to the restaurant and park the car and find spots to shoot.

We ended by the Grand River and if you know the KW area then you know what I am talking about. There is a bridge there and underneath I saw that it had cool graffiti on it.

I asked my sister if we could go down there and see if we could get some shoots. Turns out that we could and it made for some awesome photos.

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