Photo Series 1: Downtown Kitchener

So I guess I will use this post as my first of many I hope, in a series of photography shoots. In order to get better and get out of my comfort zone, I need to go out and experiment. I reached out to my friend Mike Lindsay who is just like me, and wants to get better at photography and filming.dsc_5001

So, we packed our bags and decided to meet up on a Sunday afternoon, which just so happen to be a beautiful sunny day. Our journey started at Tim Horton (a coffee chain for those of you that don’t know) we both decided that we did not want to do a nature shoot because we both have been doing that as of late. I was really wanting to do a more urban type of shoot. Going out and taking pictures of old buildings get some graffiti artwork and hopefully get some pictures of people. Since we both live in Kitchener, Ontario which has some really cool old architecture especially in the downtown area. We decided that would be the best course of action. So we parked the car on one end of downtown Kitchener, and we started by taking pictures of the Lang Tanning Co building. Which was an old leather company started by Reinhold Lang when he came to Berlin, Ontario, that is what Kitchener was called before.

The Lang Tanning Co Building

Just some really cool and interesting history for ya. Downtown Kitchener has a lot of all buildings, from when Kitchener was first founded. Kitchener has a deep root German history given the name Berlin. It was changed to Kitchener in 1916 because of the first World War and the anti-German sentiment that was in the area.

Right across the Lang building is the Kaufman Rubber Co building which was a shoe making company founded by Jacob Kaufman in 1907. They made brand name boots such as Sorel. The way the brick and white concrete (I think) mixed made for an awesome picture of the main entrance of the building.

The Kaufman Rubber Co Building

From there we just went up King St. and shot some other interesting things. We hit up Kitchener’s city hall area, and it so happened that the Kitchener Comic Con was going on. Really neat, of course not as big as the major Comic Con’s but non the less a really cool experience. Outside of the City Hall building was this really neat looking carriage wheels maybe, and it was interesting the way they were lined up. dsc_5078

Nice and rustic trim around them. Then we came to the interesting part of our journey. Remember how I said I wanted to take pictures of people in natural motion or positions. Well we met Uncle Tuchi or something like that and he was standing in a very interesting way leaning on a railing and staring away.

dsc_5141I go the courage to ask if I could snap a shot of just how he was standing and he said sure. So I snapped away and as we were about to take off he said “hey, do one more to send back home” so I raised my camera and he said “no like this” and snapped it.


Really interesting fellow! Thanks Uncle something. I have to admit for my first time really going out and taking pictures, I loved it. I mean, I love photography; but it really made me appreciate the surroundings we live in. Made me look at things in a new way. Needless to say, Mike and I will be continuing our shoots and it will make for a great series on the blog. Below is more from our shoot.

Till the next one!


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