Podcast 004 – Instagram’er Jesse Driftwood

Hey everyone, been a while since I posted something on this blog, but I promised myself that I would do so more regularly. So for today’s post I am happy to bring to you my interview with Instagramer Jesse Driftwood.

If you do not know who Jesse is you’ve been living under a rock. Jesse is the Instagram Stories king, making unique and very cinematic stories everyday. Sorta like a vlog but on Insta. From his very beginnings of being influenced by his day trips with his mom on photography hikes, to just doing videos for his skateboarding. Jesse is a positive and energetic dude.

Listen in as Jesse took his love of skateboarding videos to now having a following of over 80,000 on Instagram and it grows everyday. To working with high profile YouTuber’s such as Peter McKinnon and working on one of the biggest videos of year, Casey Neistat’s holiday movie.


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