Short Film – Breaking Protocol

This is my first attempt at filming a short movie. I shot this and edited all in one day with my friend. It was a great time and I got the filming bug, so I hope to create other projects.

It was all shot on my Nikon D5300 and for the most part, it did the job. I submitted it to a local film festival and got some great feedback and learned a lot.

Short Film – Breaking Protocol from Mario Rivas on Vimeo.


Breaking Protocol is about Johnny who has recently come back home from the rodeo where he has been working for about 3 months. Prior to that, he was a member of the Canadian elite special forces JTF2 where he was a Major. One day while on the job at the rodeo, he comes home to a mysterious phone call.

This was my first short film. It was filmed for a local film challenge in KW. It was shot all in one day with my friend Mike Lindsay and my sister Adelina Rivas.

A special thank you to both of them, my wife and girls for all the support. I want to thank the 3rd Annual KW Film Challenge for the opportunity to enter.

Please be nice it’s my first one haha. I know it’s not the greatest and I have lots to learn but it was fun both filming and directing this film.

Music by:

Inspiration Stranger Things Remake
Edit By Ender Güney

Fesliyan Studios…
Track Headache

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