The wheelchair that will change the game:

This wheelchair will change the game for anyone that requires one. It will give the user more independence. It gives the user the ability to stand and mobilize on their own. Almost like a swagway and it holds the user in place, giving the sense of standing up.

It’s called the TEK RMD by Matia Robotics. They strap their feet in place and a special cushion secures them which wraps around the body, and this will enable the user to elevate them until they are fully upright. This can also double as a form of exercise for the user.

The best part is unlike the traditional wheelchairs, the TEK RMD can be used completely unassisted. Which will give the user a sense of freedom without aid. Which will be amazing!

On ep. 1 I spoke about turning any skateboard into an electric skateboard, and that was sick. Well, why not add a backpack to that?!?! Introducing the Movpak: Electric Vehicle and backpack in one.

This backpack claims to be the first portable electric skateboard and backpack in one. It’s an Indiegogo project that is now closed. It’s an unfolding in one movement backpack that unfolds into the skateboard and off you go. It can reach speeds of 20mph with a wireless remote control. So like any other electric board and like the other electric board I talked about, you can also charge your devices.

It can reach speeds of 20mph with a wireless remote control. So like any other electric board and like the other electric board I talked about, you can also charge your devices.–2#/

30 Day Time Lapse of Cargo Ship

While browsing I ran into this article about an awesome 30 day time lapse of a cargo ship. I have been on a cruise before and after watching this cool video I regret not spending more time on the deck and looking up at the sky.

This cool video taken by Canadian Jeff Tsang a sailor and photographer who travels on a container ship. This video is 30 days long and took around 80,000 photos.

The results are just breathtaking and the scenes of the night’s sky are just something that you have to see for yourself. Jeff used a Nikon D750 and took up 1.5 TB of data. But it was worth it. It goes to show just how amazing our planet is and that it is a truly big place!

Retired Couple with Killer Cosplay style:

If you are a nerd and go to conventions such as Comic-con then you know that Cosplay is such a big part of such conventions. Some people take it to the extreme and spend huge bucks on creating near like perfect customs of our favorite characters.

Mostly this is young people who take their time with dressing up and heading out there to display their cosplay costumes. But this retired couple shows just that there is no age limit to dress up in your favorite characters.

Steven and Millie Tani from California have been married for 27 years and only discovered cosplay about 3 years ago. Their customers are unreal and can take up to 2 months to create.

I hope that I can do something this cool with my wife when we are this old! Way to go guys!

Trump Blast NFL Owners:

So we have all seen or maybe you haven’t that good ol’ President Trump speech in Huntsville, Alabama on September 22, stating that NFL owners should fire players for taking a knee during the national anthem.

This is of course, made huge headlines last year with NFL player Colin Kaepernick kneed during the anthem because he would not support a flag that has oppressed black and people of color.

To me this is a touchy subject, on one hand, the player and other players do have the freedom to say or react the way they want to act. But on the other hand, I feel that maybe they should do it in another manner.

And no I am not agreeing with Trump!!

In my opinion, not everyone who supports the flag and country is racist or disrespectful. There are more good people in the US and it’s only a handful that ruins it for the country. I say you can protest all you want but if you are disrespecting the flag then your disrespecting everything that is good about what it truly represents which is freedom!

Freedom to live a nice life which was provided to them by the very country they are protesting. I just think there are better ways of protesting for what you believe in.

The PICTAR – iPhone Camera

Most of us use our smartphones for taking awesome pictures. I personally take all my photography that way. My iPhone can truly take some awesome pictures. Well if you’re an iPhoneographer then the PICTAR iPhone Grip is for you.

Its design is like a DSLR grip and your iPhone fits right in. It even has buttons like one. Complete with a shutter release button, exposure wheel, and even a cold shoe mount for a microphone or light.

Miggo is the maker of this beast and it was a crazy Kickstarter campaign that did really well with our 318% funding. You can get one for your iPhone starting at 100 bucks.

Featured YouTuber:

On today’s featured youtube channel we are going into the crazy world of review channels. We have all seen that YouTube is a good place to get reviews on just about anything nowadays.

You want to know how your next camera works and all the bells and whistles, then there is a channel for that.

You want to know the latest cool gadgets for under a certain price, then there’s a channel for that.

Meet, JDTechTV an up and coming channel where there is a good mix of information and entertainment. JD reviews a lot of cool toys, from drones to the best smartphone gadgets. For more check out his channel JDTechTV.

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