Nuclear Bunker:

So the end of the world is upon you, what ya do? Do you let nature run its course? Do you try to hide out in a cave? Well about a nuclear bunker which can withstand a 20 – kiloton nuclear blast?

Well if you got $17.5 mill laying around then you just buy this bunker. This bunker was a former US army base which is 32 acres in size and has 14,000ft of living space.Comes fully equipped with 3ft thick walls, air intake system, a mini-hospital or nurses room, Decontamination showers, Camera system.

This command center for the end of the world was built in the 60s and was fully renovated in 2012. Complete with 4 Apartments which are fully decked out.

Guess I better start a crowdfunding campaign.

Cocoon of warmth:

If you’re a crazy outdoors person who loves the winter time, well firstly your crazy! But if you ever wanted to sleep out there for some odd reason then you need this cocoon of warmth.

It’s designed specifically for winter and meant to winter-proof your hammock. This comes in 2 pieces which warms the top and back side the footnest and hood gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that a mummy bag would give.

While the Backless design makes it easy for you to get in and out of the hammock. It comes in 0 degrees F or 30 degrees F minimum temperature rating. Get ready for some nice cold but warm and cozy winter days outdoors.

A Hotel for Gamers:

If you love to game but also want to travel but can’t do both! Well, now you can. There is a 5-star hotel in Taiwan that made for traveling Gamers. It’s called the iHotel!

Each room comes fully equipped with 2 not 1 but 2 powerful state of the art gaming PCs. Not only that but it comes with 2 DX Racer gaming chairs. The iHotel comes with a large Gaming lobby with tons of PCs to do some serious gaming!

The hardest 400M race in the World:

Remember back in grade school when you had to do track and field at school? The 100m, high jump, shot put and all of that crazy stuff! I personally hated cause we had to pick one from each.

I did the terrible mistake of choosing the 400M. You had to run around the track once, well that was hard enough as it is running it flat. What about if you did it uphill??? That’s right this has got to be the hardest 400M in the world. Its the Red Bull 400 series of races.

The course is run on the steep slopes of a ski hill. Some cannot even finish this race! ME I wouldn’t make it past the first part. Hell na!!!!

A Billionaire Donated $5 Mill for Hurricane Harvey victims:

Well as many of you know the last few weeks have been crazy and mother nature has certainly been a lil B! With massive Hurricanes and now with the recently hit earthquake in Mexico it’s been real bad.

But out of all that misery comes a very awesome story all about love and kindness. An immigrant Billionaire donated $5 million in relief for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

This immigrant self-made billionaire immigrated to the US over 31 years ago from Vietnam and he is worth $2.9 Billion dollars.

He is Kieu Hoang and he has expressed his concern with other immigrants that were affected by Harvey. I say big ups to you Kieu! This world needs more billionaires like you who care for the people!

Featured Youtube Channel of the day:

If you guys are into some really neat things about the world like do you want to know

how far away can you get from everyone on the planet?

Or on insane the scale of Pablo Escobar’s wealth was

Maybe you wanted to know how deep is the ocean really.

Then you need to check out Real Life Lore, these are the types of videos they produce on there and its one of my favorite channels that I sub and watch. Go give them a sub and watch their neat videos which are really well produced btw!

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