Review of Mozeat 3 in 1 Lens for Smartphones

61z4ujgmzxl-_sl1000_If you’re anything like me and do most, if not all of your filming and pictures with your smartphone. You will notice it’s limiting, but what if I told you; you can sup up your smartphone with some cool gadgets?

Well, stick around and I’ll show ya!

You see for the longest time I have wanted to step up my game with my iPhone. I know that it has a pretty good camera and sure does beat carrying around a big and heavy camera.

What do you carry around with you all the time?

That’s right your smartphone. If you are new to this or if you’d been looking around, you know that there are hundreds of lenses out there for smartphones. Some big players such as Oliclip, Moondog labs, Moment just to name a few.

The main commonality of these is great quality but the price is on the high side. Me being very cheap but always looking for good quality, did my research.

What I found is something just as good but for a fraction of the price.

Mozeat Lens to be correct. They are current on $21.99CDN or on for just $11.99USD.

The specific Lens I will review first is the Mozeat 3 in 1 kit. Which includes 180 degrees Supreme Fisheye, a 0.67x Wide Angle and a 10x Macro lens. I have other Mozeat lenses that I will review later on.

Let’s start with the 180 degrees Fisheye Lens. When doing my research, most fisheye lenses have those black corners on them which I did not want to see while taking pictures or filming something.71e3efl-72l-_sl1000_

The angle of the lens is 175 – 180 degrees with a magnification of 0.33x. Very lightweight but the build is incredible with solid metal and the lens is enclosed. In my YouTube video, I posted you can see this example and the rest of the others.

Moving to the Macro lens. I was really impressed with this lens at first when I opened the box and there was only two lens. I realized that this one and the wide angle are one in the same.

In order to get to the marco lens you first must twist off the wide angle part. Which I thought was pretty cool and saves space.

The lens has a magnification of 10x and the minimum distances from the object you have to be are 10-15mm. So, for example, the first picture I took was without the lens and the closer I got the more blurred the picture got as seen below.


Once I put the macro lens on it was a crazy difference the detail that I got from the lens was incredible. All the words were easily readable and you can see the detail.



Moving to the final lens, which is the Wide angle lens. This one is by far my favorite and most used one.

Its magnification is 0.67x also metal finish with the glass inside of the enclosure.

The picture below is just the native lens of my iPhone:

File 2016-11-21, 7 18 47 PM.jpeg

And this one below is the same distance just with the lens. Notice that the angle is much wider and caught the ends of my light-box.


Overall I am very impressed with these lenses and I highly recommend them for those that are on a tight budget but want the ability to step up their filming and photography game.

I hope to purchase the other more expensive ones in the near future to give them a good comparison. But for now, these would do the trick no problem.

Below I have attached my video review of the lenses on my YouTube Channel.

If you get them, let me know what you all think of them and send me some examples.

Buy these lenses here on Amazon.

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