Podcast 001 – YouTube Creator: Justin Bravo

Once again the podcast has taken a new turn! Hopefully for the better. I am focusing on business and start ups. I will share my experience on the road to financial freedom as well as interview those who are in the game from entrepreneurship, content creators, YouTubers, and many others. Listen in as they share their stories about success and give tips and advice that you can you use.

On today’s episode I am joined by Justin Bravo of JustinBravo.com We get to talking about his online business dealing with SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) and how his first company went from 0 to $9 million in revenue. Now he uses his SEO company to help others rank higher. We also get to talking about his YouTube channel and how it just started as a means to help out his son. All this and more tune in!

Thank you for listening to another LTS Podcast, the show where I give you my updates on my online business, interviews with Entrepreneurs, content creators, YouTubers and more. Bringing you their ideas and advice to help you startup your business, YouTube Channel, blog or brand. Tune in every week for a brand new show.

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