It’s About To Go Down! – My Road To Entrepreneurship


What’s up y’all. So I have revamped my website and actually took the jump to get my own domain name and make it more legit. I mean in the sense that I really want this website now to focus on my projects. From my podcasts to my photography, to my online eCommerce store. So with that being said, I will tell you what’s going on with my eCommerce store.

I’ve always wanted to own a business and be my own boss, but never pulled the trigger. I was too scared and honestly, I have a life with family and kids that really I couldn’t take a rise. Plus I was pretty stupid with credit when I was younger that to even think that a bank would even look at my business plan was a long stretch. Needless to say, that was dropped quick but always in the back of my head. I found this really cool podcast about Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). The podcast was The Amazing Seller Podcast by a guy named Scott Voelker, a great podcast by the way definitely go check it out. It got me thinking, maybe I can do this. Basically, you get a product through Alibaba, the biggest player in this and then you brand it, send it to Amazon and sell it on your Amazon store.

Seemed simple enough, you didn’t necessarily have to have overhead at your home or a warehouse. Just simply have the manufacturer, in China, for instance, make the product and they ship it to Amazon and customers buy it from your store on Amazon. But, one thing still remained, I need some money to do it. Although this is still something I want to pursue later on, I currently could not do it. So back to square one. Then on one of his episodes, he said something about drop shipping and it got me curious. I, of course, do what anyone would do and go to YouTube University (it really is, though, you can learn about anything on there) and started to research.

I learned that with drop shipping you didn’t even need that much money to do it. So Check one­.

Check two, no overhead required.

Check three, can start it in relatively no time at all.

The more and more I researched this, this seemed like the most logical way to move forward. I stumbled across this one guy on YouTube who was just starting out and he explained everything nice and simple. His channel, Three Year Millionaire was great. He gave cool advice and had tested a bunch of drop shippers already. One of the drop shippers he mentioned was Printful (Click on the link to get your free account). So I chose this one, usually, you would test out a couple but I found that Printful is amazing. I’ll do a review on them in another post. The good thing about Printful as well is that you can configure it with Shopify (Click on the link to start a free 14-day trial), with whom I will be launching the story with. Everywhere I go to do my research Shopify is always the top 2, might be a little costly at first but if this business picks up would not matter that much.

So I got an investor to invest about $1500 CDN into this project. Firstly they wanted to see proof of the product I would be selling. I advised that I would cut the cost as much as possible for designs as I have experience with Photoshop and did not need to branch out and so I ordered two samples and man was I impressed. (I will include this in a Printful review as well). Needless to say so was my investor. So here I am, currently, I have ordered additional samples and once I receive them and am satisfied with them I can go on to phase two. Which is the launch? Stay tuned for that and my progress on the store. Thanks for reading.

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